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New Wii Firmware News

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Wii Info Latest Firmware Release 09/08/2007

Nintendo released Firmware 3.0 today, on the update some people have been getting a messege saying that the update will render all moddified wii's useless. the rumour is that this is not true. Wiikey are claiming the upgrade will not affect their chip but it will stop their confirguration disc and gamecube games working. I would recomend not to do an update until more information is known. please find below a couple of snipits of info i found.
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August 8, 2007 �  the bad.
Nintendo has sent a message to all Wii owners warning �If your Wii console has an unauthorized technical modification, this upgrade could cause inoperability of your console.� News of this firmware update is still fresh, and we�ve yet to test this, or hear any comments on which mod chips are affected or if they all remain unaffected. Update with caution!
the good�
There is now a digital clock placed on the main menu reminding players that time flies when they�re inevitably having fun. Another change to the Wii menu will be found on the forecast channel. Now the forecast channel will display the current weather in the channel selection interface. The message board now has a new �Today�s Accomplishments� option to display games you�ve played.
The Wii Shop channel has had a considerate makeover. The welcome screen has been redone, showing four recommended titles. There is now a list of popular titles, and new options to search for games by name, genre, and publisher.
Finally, USB keyboards can now be used to type as opposed to pointing in some channels. The Wii Shop Channel, and memo and mail writing can now utilize USB keyboard support. Unfortunately, the USB keyboard is not compatible with the Opera browser as of yet�but it could be safe to assume this trend will eventually follow onto web browsing.

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[07.08.08] Wii firmware 3.0 issues

Nintendo has released firmware 3.0 via online updates. It will NOT brick or disable Wiikey; however, base and config discs will not load 'natively', neither will any other GC disc with El Torito standard header format. WiiNewz have reported that there are already tools available for building bootable config and setup discs, as well as other discs with applications and emulators. We are currently researching why the El Torito format no longer works. Once this is completed new versions of the config and base system disc will be made available.

Laptop Repair

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We now Repair Laptops.   Also Password Recovery.
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Nintendo Wii

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We now Specialise in Nintendo Wii  repairs and  upgrades.
If you have messed up your Wii  we can repair it and fit your upgrade too

More Fraud on the net ( 03.01.07)

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More Fraud on the net ( 03.01.07)

Someone set up a website  called    Anyways then they advertised it on Ebay Listing and said :-

I can tell you where to get a Nintendo Wii for �149 Postage Free and in Stock.

After you have paid you will receive the information of where to buy.

Anyway I was lucky enough to get this info for �1.  not a lot to lose but many other ebayers have paid up to �10 for such info.

Only now I have found it was Fraud.

Here is what i found on another site to prove i was right.

My 12 year old wants one, he would when there are none to be had in this country!

Anyway i saw this website that had them for �149 in bristol (To good to be true hence i wouldn't send the money through the net!), with that being and hour and half drive away i asked a friend who lives there, it turned out to be a house!!! So scammmers be warned!!!!

I shall find the web link for you please do not fall prey to this, thank god for my friend, not that i would have sent the money through the net! It had a sign on the door saying it was nothing to do with the web advertisement

Just found out the the Website stoped working now

Plasma or LCD

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Those of u who are undecisive about  wheather to buy a Plasma or LCD the article is realy interesting.   Enjoy !!

PS3 Compatability

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PS3 Compability (Dark Angel)
November 21, 2006, 06:46:00 PM

Well guy's I found this interesting:

Sony's PlayStation 3 isn't 100 percent backward compatible with PS1
and PS2 games after all. A couple hundred games have been discovered
that either do not play properly or at all on the new console. Sony is
aiming to solve the problem, however. In addition, the PS3's tie ratio
so far is not even one game per console. More within...

Sony's PlayStation 3 launched over the weekend in Japan, and
apparently word has gotten around that there's already a slight
problem with one of the console's major features: backwards
compatibility. Unlike the Xbox 360, which currently supports a few
hundred original Xbox titles, the PS3 was supposed to support all PS1
and PS2 games.

According to reports from the AFX news service, Bloomberg and others,
however, approximately 200 older software titles out of a total of
about 8,000 PS1 and PS2 games have encountered problems running on the
PS3. Even with those 200 games not playing properly on the new
console, the PS3 would still feature close to 98 percent backwards

"We don't want to call them defects, as the problems are sort of
inevitable when introducing totally different hardware," explained a
Sony spokesperson. "The type of problems vary from software to
software. In some cases the only problem is no sound, and in others
the screen freezes up."

That said, Sony is still aiming for 100 percent backwards
compatibility. The spokesperson added, "We're working day and night to
provide software to solve the problem."

Interestingly, backwards compatibility may be more important as a
feature than some may have thought. A new NPD study found that
backwards compatibility was second only to appealing game content in
affecting consumers' purchase intent towards new consoles. Apparently,
there are a lot of people who would still like to play PS1 and PS2
titles on a new system. One game series in particular that a number of
people will be disappointed to hear has problems is the popular Guitar
Hero. This isn't Red Octane's fault, however. Understandably, with
next-gen consoles comes next-gen controller technology. As such, the
guitar controller will not work on the PS3.

Backwards compatibility may also be important in the PS3's early days
because it would appear that not many consumers are picking up actual
PS3 games. Enterbrain, the Japanese publisher of Famitsu, has reported
that the PS3's tie ratio thus far is at less than one game per console
(0.98). Enterbrain previously reported that approximately 88,400 PS3
units were sold during the weekend in Japan.

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PS3  Further delays

Sony has been hit by another delay to its long-awaited PlayStation 3 console, which will now be released in Europe in March 2007 - four months later than planned.

Playstation 3 Delayed Officially Until November

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Playstation 3 Delayed

Sony has officially delayed their Playstation 3 to improve upon their copy-protection technology. Due to faults with Blu-Ray, Sony is forced to release the Playstation 3 in November.

Read about the full story at Red Herring

PS3 Delays Imminent?

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February 27, 2006, 03.48 AM

According to a Merrill Lynch Research Report, it's looking increasingly likely that consumers won't have their hands on Sony's Next-Gen offering until '07.  The report sites costs and difficulties of the ambitious Cell-Processor architecture as possible hindrances.  Indicators also suggest the retail price of the PS3 production units could exceed $800.

This is not official Sony news, so take this with a grain of salt.  it does however give one pause.

Would you like to know more?


Beware of Internet fraud Hong kong Company

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Please read fully, There are a few companies on the net which are fraudulant.
One of the worst came across as  The website looks quite good but if you place an order they only accept large orders example $2000
they keep good contact with you  up untill you pay them . they only teke bank transfer or western union. Once you pay them  the emails you send are then ignored and  your goods that are promised to you will not arrive and you can say goodbye to your money.
I now of a few that have ordered from them and this company has been reported.
Let us hope that the Authorities at hong kong do there job to arrest  the owners.
The guy that was dealing with the order his name is Ralph

I would like to here of other people who have been conned by this company .  or if there is anyone who actualy  received  goods from them.  theifs thats what they are.